Al Martino

The gypsy in you (Video)

The silver in the moon hast lost its shine, 
and morning ist dawning.
There's no more bubbles dancing in the wine 
to blind me, remind me
to drink in every moment and pretend 
tonight will be a night without end
And now I've got to make you understand 
the sudden turn you feel in my hand.

The gypsy in you is rising to welcome the day
The gypsy in you is waiting to take you away
It's said in the cards, it really completes a routine           
The power of my love will set you free,
when the gypsy in you loves me, when the gypsy in you...

I realize each time you come around 
it's only 'cause you're lonely
And yet if I should ever turn you down,
refuse you, I'd lose you
You know I really live to love you so, 
and I'm alone each time you go
But ev'ry but* it flies around the flame,
and knows he plays a dangerous game



*Das soll wohl die Abkürzung für "butterfly" sein; aber vielleicht verstehe ich den Text auch falsch - er ist durchgehend schlecht gesungen, wie fast immer bei A.M.; wer etwas Besseres heraushört möge mir bitte mailen.

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