Caline & Olivier Toussaint

The garden of Monaco

That little girl with a bow in her hair - you remember when?
That little boy kicking dirt everywhere - yes, I remember them
Chasing the breeze in and out of the trees, all around the square
Playing peace and love beneath the sun, the start of our love-life then.

Down in the garden of Monaco where in the summer all the lovers go
It's like a simple Michaelangelo in green and blue
Down in the garden of Monaco a little love can make the flowers grow
Or Juliet can meet her Romeo, like me and you.

That crazy pair throwing sand in the air - you remember them?
That boy and girl, not a scare in the world - yes, I remember them
Well, nothing has changed as we stand here today like we did before
It's the same old view, the same old two, and I've never loved you more.


Down in the garden of Monaco, we're gonna write a new scenario
Two lovers starring in a picture-show, down in the garden of Monaco.

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