Cliff Richard

The day I met Marie (Video)

Imagine a still summer's day
When nothing is moving
Least of all me
I lay on my back in the hay
The warm sun was soothing
It made me feel good
the day I met Marie.

The Sound of her whisper: hello
came tiptoing softly into my head
I opened my eyes kind of slow
And there she was smiling
It made me feel good
the day I met  

Marie, with the laughing eyes
She'd toss her hair and tantalize
She came to touch me then she's gone,
just like a summer breeze.

I remember her kiss,
so soft on my brow
And the way that she said:
|: Baby go to sleep now :|

I woke with the chill in the air
The warm sun no longer hung in the sky
I reached out but she was not there
She'd gone where she came from
But I still feel good
to think I've known


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