Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire*

The Continental (Video)

Beautiful music...

Dangerous rhythm...

It's something daring, the Continental,
a way of dancing that's really ultra-new
It's very subtle, the Continental,
because it does what you want it to do.

It has a passion, the Continental,
an invitation to moonlight and romance
It's quite the fashion, the Continental,
because you tell of your love while you dance.

Your lips whisper so tenderly
Her eyes answer your (...?)

Two bodies swaying the Continental
And you are saying just what you're dreaming of
So keep on dancing the Continental
For it's a song of romance and (...?)

You kiss while you're dancing
*That's not a bad idea
No, never, it's continental
You sing while you're dancing
Your voice is gentle and sentimental.

You'll stroll togther, arm in arm,
(...?) with grace and charme.

You will find, while you're dancing,
that there's a rhythm in your heart and soul,
a certain rhythm that you can't control
And you will do the Continental all the time.


dal $egno al fine

*Tatsächlich ist dies die einzige Zeile, die F.A. vor sich hin brummt; den Rest singt G.R. alleine.

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