Vicky Leandros

The boy from San José (Audio)

He walks the shore, and all the girls just sit and stare
When he goes by you hear them say, but he don't care
Now he's sat, their hearts are beating, they smile a greeting
But he doesn't seem to notice that they're there.

The boy from San José,
he isn't shy, he isn't lonely
His eyes shine just for me, for my eyes only, 
they smile and tell me, I am yours
The boy from San José, 
he says he's always thinking of me
He tells me every day, he'll always love me,
and love is what what we're living for.

The world around him can't take our happiness away 
And now I found him I know that love is |: here to stay :|

And every day the sea is blue, the sun is high
And all the girls, they smile at him as he goes by
How they'd love to get to know him, to have and hold him
But there's nothing they can do, and they know why. 




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