B. J. Thomas

That's what friends are for (Audio)

Friends are like music, sometimes they're sad
Sometimes they're lonely and need to be told that they're loved
Everyone needs to be loved
Friends are like good wine, and I've had the best
Don't always show it, but no-one knows better than I.

So drink up, I'm a homesick old sailor
who longs for the sound of his own front door
Tell me your stories, I'll teach you my songs,
and we'll have one more
|: Isn't that what friends are for? :|

Friends are like warm clothes in the night air,
best when they're old,
and we |: miss 'em the most when they're gone :|
Friends love your good side and live with your bad
They want you and need you when no-one else knows you're alive.



Chorus (bis)

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