Kate & Anna McGarrigle

That's the sun, son

Oh father, come to the window, look over yonder lake
at the wondrous golden city beyond the icy wake
In my short life we've passed this way ten times or more
And never did this city rise up on that far shore.

That's the sun, son, shining on the water
It's not Cairo, New York or Rome
And just a matter of hours before you see your mama,
waiting for you back at home.

Big buildings at its centre stand ablaze with light,
while lesser spires around these entrap the beams in flight
Oh look, now I see people with faces small and fine
And in their midst just staring a boy's face like mine.


The Sun was shrinking 'cause night was falling, and the boy went off to sleep
His wondrous city vanished into the icy deep
The Moon was rising 'cause night had fallen, and all was as before
As we made our way past the countless pines on the cold lake's northern shore.


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