Michael Holm

That's right

I sat* in a bar room with just a friend of mine,
talking 'bout the old days and drinking good old wine
And as I remembered all the girls I've had,
I could see in Mary's face on the day we met.

|: Yeah, that's right, good times pass like the morning light
Yeah, that's right, like the morning light :|

Mary was my first love, I gave her my poor heart,
gave her all my money, I thought we'd never part
Suddenly, ohne morning, I was all alone,
and my beedroom colder, as Mary, she was gone.




*Der ganze Text - verbrochen von Giorgio Moroder und M.H. himself - bietet Lübke-Englisch vom Feinsten; und dazu noch dicke Grammatik-Fehler: Man kann hier nicht sagen "I sat...", sondern nur "I was sitting..."!

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