Bob King

Texas leather and Mexican lace (Audio)

A cowboy rode out of Laredo, 
the fastest gun in the nation
He thought he'd go to Mexico
to lose his reputation - but

(Chorus - sempre parlando -:)
Texas leather and Mexican lace
never go together
Texas leather and Mexican lace
must stay apart forever.

Chorus (cantando)

So he rode his pinto pony
till a sign read "Old Ringo Town"
And he bought a hazienda
and vowed that he'd settle down.

He hung up his leather holster, 
and he lived by law and order
Then he fell in love with Carmela, 
a wealthy ranchero's daughter.

Chorus (bis)

He planned a summer wedding, 
for his sweet Carmela adored him
But her father saw a poster
and sent a deputy for him.

Chorus (bis)

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