Teresa Brewer

Texas leather and Mexican lace (Audio)

A cowboy rode out of Laredo, 
the fastest gun in the nation
He tried to go to Old Mexico
to lose his reputation.

So he rode his pinto pony
till the sign read "Old Ringo Town"
And there he bought an acre,
and vowed that he'd settle down.

He hung up his old leather holster, 
and he lived by law and order
But he fell in love with Carmela, 
a rich ranchero's daughter.

But Texas leather and Mexican lace
never can go together
Texas leather and Mexican lace
must stay apart forever.

Well, he spent the summer with her, 
for the sweet Carmela adored him
But her father saw a poster
and sent the deputy for him.


Now there's a stone in the churchyard,
where you'll find Carmela each day
And she cries as she reads the inscription, 
that took her poor cowboy away. 

Chorus (bis)

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