Os Motokas

Tenderly (Audio)

Life goes on, I must be strong
I don't know just what went wrong 
All this time I hid my feelings
But deep inside I got along with lots for years
I ask you, why must this be our good-bye? 

You told me:
Tenderly, tenderly, makes no difference what I say
Tenderly, tenderly, you have chosen your own way
Tenderly, tenderly, it's a game we all must play
Even though you won't stay, I can't forget you,.

I love you, baby, I'm with you, baby
Please love me, love me, baby!  
Please don't you leave me, baby!*

*Wie schon beim italienischen Original fehlt hier offenbar eine Forsetzung. Wer sie kennt möge mir bitte mailen!

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