Teenage rampage (Video) (Audio)

All over the land the kids are finally starting to get the upper hand
They're out in the streets, they turn on the heat,
and soon they could be completely in command.

Imagine the sensation of teenage occupation
At 13 they'll be learning, but at 14 they'll be burning.

[But/*And] there's something in the air of which we all will be aware
But they don't care [no no no.../*yeah yeah yeah...]

So come join the revolution
Get yourself a constitution
Come join the revolution now!
|: [So] Recognize your age it's a teenage rampage
Turn another page on the teenage rampage now [now now...] :|

They're getting it on, ain't doing it wrong
and they're gonna do it, it won't be long
They gotta be heard, they get the word that really belongs
And now they're coming on so strong.

Imagine the formation of teenage legislation
At 13 they were fooling, but at 16 they'll be ruling.


Chorus (bis)

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