Robin Beck

Tears in the rain (Video)

It's a rainy night and it's over
Tears are gonna fall any minute now
And I know that it's you
I gotta get over, I know I do
But don't know how.

I pretend that I'm in control now
I won't fall apart 'till I walk away
And I say to myself you're gonna be stronger
I tell myself it's better this way, wow wow.

You can't see tears in the rain
No matter how hard you try
You can't see anything
Only the rain in my eyes
You can't see tears in the rain
So as we're saying good-bye
Guess I'll bee crying in vain
'cause you can't see |: tears in the rain :|

The time has come, I'm letting go now
I put it all behind me and just turn the page
And I'll make you believe that it don't matter
You'll never see it's all a charade, wow wow.


You ain't never gonna see no tears in the rain
'cause the rain's gonna fall
And you won't see my pain at all
And the rain comes down, I don't wanna go
I see the memories flash before my eyes like a ghost
I fantasize that there's a glimmer of hope
But it's over, I'll never be the same.



Chorus (bis)

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