Marti Webb

Take that look off your face (Video)

You must be mistaken, it couldn't have been
You couldn't have seen him yesterday
He's doing some deal up in Baltimore now
I hate it when he's away.

You must be mistaken, I'm sure that you are
There's more than one car with stickers on
And lots of young guys wear corduroy pants
And I'd know if he hadn't gone.

Take the look off your face
I can see through your smile
You would love to be right
I bet you didn't sleep good last night
Couldn't wait to bring all that bad news to my door
Well I've got news for you: I knew before!

If I'm not a mistaken, it started last year
I'm not very clear how it began
I noticed a change, but I just closed my eyes,
as only a woman can.

No I didn't dig deep
I did not want to know
Well, you don't interfere,
when you're scared of the things
you might hear when he's back
You think I will end it right there and then
Well my fair weather friend -- you're wrong again!


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