Take me, take me, take me!

Sometimes I feel your thunder, when your eyes are watching me
I never liked to go under, but with you I let it be,
'cause, honey, I feel that something's moving under my skin,
driving me to the places we've been, calling out for you.

Take me, take me, take me in your arms,
and break me, break me, break me
You are all I wanna have
Come on boy, come on boy
Take me, take me, take me
Only you you can make me, make me, make me
feel in love if you could stay
and sad when you're away
So take me, take me, take me every day!

I never knew that I would ever fall in love again
But if you wanna try to stay by me, just call on me
'cause, honey, one day you'll wonder what goes on inside
But brother, you're alone at night, nobody cares for you.


|: every day :|

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