Mariska Veres

Take me high (Video) (Audio)

I've had my share of losing
It wasn't quite amusing
to find myself beneath the line
No-one to cry or die for
No person to get shy for
I couldn't say: This man is mine.

Until I found my treasure
which gives me love and pleasure
I couldn't praise a single day
I found it back by you, dear
You really brought me up here
With you my sorrows went away.

Take me high in the sky
Get together, you and I
See the light of a beatiful day
Kiss me once, kiss me twice
Let's create a paradise
'cause of you I am living every day.

May I jump to conclusions
I had no frail illusions
'cause all I did was sit and cry
I'd love my inspiration
I had no destination
The only one around was I.

But you have rearranged me
You took my world and changed it
You've turned a night into day
Now there is room for laughter
before the morning after
We loved and kissed the night away.

Chorus (bis)

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