Take me, don't break me

He picks me up in his Jaguar
The lady-killer, the movie star.
I'm the girl who won the price
To spend an evening by his side.
The night is warm and the moon is full
We drink Champagne in the swimming-pool.
He kisses me, but I have no fear
When I feel that heaven is near - I say:

|: |: Take me, take me don't break me :|
You know love's only dynamite 
It is a most exiting night.
What I feel is pure delight
Take me, don't break me :|


The famous sheik of Araby
He seems to like the looks of me.
We're drinking coffee in his tent
And when he starts to hold my hand
He says: "You will be my Harem Queen
A girl like you I've never seen.
I have a hundred wives or more
But you're the one I've waited for" - I say:


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