Velvet Glove

Sweet was my Rose (Audio)

|: Sweet was the Rose in the light of the rising sun
Never forget her, gave her life for everyone :|

On the day that I recall, 't was a bright and sunny dawn
And we hadn't seen a yankee since a week before the sun was gone
So momma said to sister Rose, I guess it's safe to take a horse
Get out and try to find your dad and uncle Bill!
Though I protested, she said, hush (...?)
Your sister's going, you're too young! She rode out
And I never saw my sister Rose again.


Well, as I hear tell, that fateful morn' she rode to Shadow Creek
to make enquiries after pop and uncle Ben
From there she rode to Shadow Valley, from a-far she saw pa
Uncle Ben was less alive than dead
And there was pa with his arms a-waving to warn her,
but too late, them damned yankees caught her
Rose was shouting: Get out pa, and save your own skin!
Well, Rose she was never seen again
Pa's made a kind of headstone round the back of the house
I took upon myself to carve this inscription:


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