Kris Kristofferson

Sweet Susanna

(Refrain :)
C'est la bell' de la Louisian'
dont les gens ne sa'ent pas l' nom
T'es jolie et t'es mignonne,
mais tu n'es pas bon.

Why did you go and leave me in Louisiana, sweet Susanna?
You left me for a fella who wore a big black umbrella
He came to the sticks to buy some antiques
He was a wheeler and a dealer, the woman stealer.


Oh, sweet Susanna, you're a loser
You ran off and you left it for a California boozer
Stole all his goods and left him in the woods
Hope your stories are bore, you flirty girlie.


Please come back to Louisiana, sweet Susanna
Since you left nothing's right, and the catfish don't bite
I can't pay my rent, 'cause you stole every cent
I can't stand to see my landlord cry.

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