Wadsworth Mansion

Sweet Mary (Audio)

(Wop ba do...)

Sweet Mary sent a letter to me
She said to hurry home, I need to right away
I've got a (...?) full of love
And I'm all alone -- hurry today!

Sweet Mary I'm |: coming home :| to you, yeah
Sweet Mary I'm coming home now
That's the least I can do.

Sweet Mary in that letter to me
she said, it's up to you, I need you right away
And now I got to hop on a freight*
(...?) I got to sleep.


(bla bla... wop ba do...)

Sweet Mary has a smile on her face
You know she's happy to see me rather anyway
I only hope that passing the time,
she'll always feel that way, and I won't have (...?)

Chorus (bis)

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