Steve Lawrence

Sweet Maria

Count each day when I go,
Then before you know
Time will fly before your eyes
And you will never realize I'm gone

Though we two have to part,
I'll leave you my heart
Keep it close beside your own
And you will never be alone, sweetheart

Sweet Maria, don't you cry
I can see tears in your eyes
So while we say goodbye
Smile Maria, don't you cry

Let me keep the memory of
Laughing eyes so full of love
Happy days I spent with you
Wait for me, Maria, I'll be true

Time moves quick as a wink,
Faster than you think
Round and round the clock keep turning
You know that my heart is burning too

Sweet Maria, don't be blue
I'll return again to you
Love like ours can never die
|: Smile for me, Maria, don't you cry :|

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