Bobby Goldsboro

Summer - the first time (Video)

't was a hot afternoon, the last day of June,
and the sun was a demon
The clouds were afraid, 110* in the shade,
and the pavement was steaming (fine)

I told Billy Ray in his red Chevrolet
I needed time for some thinking
I was just walking by when I looked in her eye,
and I swore it was winking.

She was 31 and I was 17
I knew nothing 'bout love, she knew everything
But I sat down beside her on her front porch swing,
and wondered what the coming night would bring.

The sun closed her eyes as it climbed in the sky.
and it started to swelter
The sweat trickled down the front of her gown,
and I thought it would melt her.

She threw back her hair like I wasn't there,
and she sipped on a julep
Her shoulders were bare, and I tried not to stare
when I looked at her two lips**

And when she looked at me I heard her softly say,
I know you're young, you don't know what to do or say
But stay with me until the sun has gone away,
and I will chase the boy in you away.

And then she smiled, then we talked for a while
Then we walked for a mile to the sea
We sat on the sand, and a boy took her hand
But I saw the sun rise as a man.


Ten years have gone by since I looked in her eye,
but the memory lingers
I go back in my mind to the very first time
I feel the touch of her fingers.

da capo al fine

*Damit ist natürlich nicht C. gemeint, sondern F.
**Damit war damals wohl noch der Mund gemeint, auch wenn man in Anbetracht des schweißdurchtränkten Kleides etwas anderes meinen könnte; aber die Mode des "camel toe" kam erst rund 30 Jahre später auf ;-)

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