Nana Mouskouri

Summers in the sun (Video)

I remember clearly
childhood days I treasured dearly
Memories remind me
of all the happiness behind me
Children on a see-saw,
throwing pebbles by the seashore
I remember still a meadow on a hill
where once I used to run
in summers in the sun.

[But oh/*Oh no] they didn't last
Those days went much too fast
And now I miss them so
Where did the time all go?

I recall the good times,
those sentimental sandalwood times
Holidays and high days
Winter nights and warm july days
And I wonder why now
I never see a butterfly now
Waste too many hours
No time to smell the flowers
Or taste the gentle fun
of summers in the sun.


Sadly as the time goes
we lose the innnocence a child knows
I remember so well
the simple wonder of a sea shell
Catching fish in wild streams
and dreaming dreams
that every child dreams
Life was simple then
They' ll never come again
I miss them every one
those summers in the sun.

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