Summer sand (Audio)

Tonight I'm yours, and you are mine, now
But is it love or just summertime, now?

Oh, the time is right, come hold me tight
Let's grab onto the love that we can borrow
And let's not hang each other up
with words that we'll forget about tomorrow.

['Cause/*Yes] the things we write in the summer sand,
the "I love you"'s and the future plans,
disappear, slip right through your hand,
like this warm, soft bed of summer sand (fine)

You got someone, and so do I, now
Our hearts are locked in, so why should we lie, now?

Bathe with me in harmony
Let's sing our summer song and sing it sweetly
For we can't stop the autumn wind that blows away
the summer sand completely.


dal $egno al fine


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