Mac & Katie Kissoon

Sugar candy kisses (Video)

Oh honey, I'm so in love with you
Say we'll always be together
Tell me you love me, too!

Sugar candy kisses
Sugar honey love
Summernights I've spent with you
Are what I'm thinking of
[Just*] sugar candy dreaming
I'm by the one I love - yes, you're my
Sugar candy kind of [guy/girl]
My sugar candy love

You showed me what love was like that summernight
[Just] You and me together till the morning light
You swept me off my feet
My heart skipped a beat, when you
held me close to you
What else could I do
but fall in love with you [with your]



So tell me baby you're gonna stay
That's all I pray
We can't let a love like ours just fade away, so, come on now
Sweep me off my feet
Make my heart skip a beat
Hold me close to you
What else can I do
I'm so in love with you, your --


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