Such a night to have a party (Video) (Audio)

I was sitting drinking coffee on a saturday night
The late show had finished, so I turned out the light
I was maybe thinking I would get into bed
I heard a knock on the door and somebody said:
Hey Richard, whatcha doing in there?
Get yourself dressed and comb your hair!
Don't you think it's time that you were gone?
Come up to my place, there's a party going on!

I shouldn't, no I shouldn't
My baby always tells that I shouldn't
I see her shake her head, so I just go up to bed.

Oh |: |: Such a night to have a party :|
|: I got a whole lot of loving and a whole lot of kissing to do :| :|


If I could only get away one night on my own,
I'd up to the party and I'd go up alone
Well, everytime I try to make my way to the door,
my baby gets a hold of me and begs me for more.



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