Neil Sedaka

You're knocking me out (Audio)

When we start a-dancing I'm a nervous wreck
Your kind of shaking has a rare effect
I can't stop a-flipping over what you're doing
That kinda beat can drive a man to ruin.

Slow down baby, can't you hear me shout?
Stop! You're knocking me out!

Crazy 'bout your rhythm when you're rock-'n'-rolling
All I'm asking, honey, is that you control it
Your dancing is entrancing, oh yes indeedy
But my one objection is you're much too speedy.



We go dancing, and everything is fine
We're romancing, the music is divine
Then the band starts to syncopate
You jump from 33 to 78.

Spinning like a record on a record machine
You've got me going dizzy over your routine
The way you shake your shoulders and the way you twist them
starts a chain reaction in my nervous system.



dal $egno al fine

- stop!

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