Dolly Parton

Star of the show

We sang a love song the day that we met
You thought that we made the perfect duet
You liked my performance so you wanted to know
If I would stay on as the star of the show.

And beautiful music we made for a time
'til she changed our tune, and you added new lines
Our duet arrangement became a trio
Now you want a star, but I just think you should know:

I don't play second fiddle in nobody's band
And I'm no back-up singer and I won't be a fan
And I'm nobody's co-star, I just play leading rolls
And I don't want the part, don't want a part
Won't play a part unless it's star of the show.

Oh, she's stealing the show that's been so dear to my heart
She's changing our song til Im not sure of my part
She sharing the spotlight and there's not room for both
Now one or the other is the star of the show, the other goes.

Life is a show and the show will go on
The world is stage, loves an act we perform
There's always some new act somewhere up the road
And I'll always be staring in somebody's show.

Chorus (bis)

If I don't star in your show
Well, I'm still a star and I can still go
You know |: I got to be :| the star of the show

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