Star of Bethlehem (Video)

It shone that night 2000 years ago
The King was born, but few of us did know
He had come on earth to save His fellow men
Jesus his name, the Star of Bethlehem (fine)

That little boy grew into a man
He spoke His mind, and something new began
We didn't understand, we were lost till then
Our guiding light, the Star of Bethlehem.

They followed Him to the shore of Galilee
But there were those who just could not believe
He would never be the Son of God to them
He gave His life, the Star of Bethlehem.

The world was dark and we were all afraid,
till we recalled the promise He had made
He had told us all "I will come again"
Forever bright the Star of Bethlehem.

da capo al fine (bis)

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