Sammy Davis Jr.

Stand up and fight (Audio)

Thanks a lot, it's sure as nice to be,
to be where I can see so many friends of mine
|: How have I been doing? :|
If you really want to know the truth: I'm doing fine!

*Seventeen decisions in a row
*And only five on points, the rest were all k.o.
*Jackson and Johnson, Murphy and Bronson,
one by one they'd come, and one by one to dreamland they'd go.

How's it done? You ask me, how's it done?
I got a trainer man that taught me all I know
It sure feels good to have him in my corner,
to hear his voice so soft and low:
Remember, big boy, you must remember:

Stand up and fight until you hear de bell
Stand toe to toe, trade blow for blow
And keep punching till you make your punches tell,
and show that crowd what you know
Until you hear that bell, that final bell,
stand up and fight like hell!

When you fight out in the open air,
out in a patch of light the ring looks small and white
|: Out in the blackness :|
you can feel a 100,000 eyes filling the night.

Cigarettes are blinking in the dark
and making little sparks around the baseball park
People are quiet, then there's a riot
Someone throws a punch and lands it smack right on the mark.

Somebody's hurt, you kind of think it's you
You fall across de ropes, that's all you want to do
Then you look around and see your trainer's eye
He's begging you to see it through, they say:
Remember, big boy, remember:


|: Stand up and fight :| And fight like hell!

*Tja, man sollte meinen, daß es anhand dieser konkreten Angaben ganz leicht sein müßte, herauszubekommen, welchem Boxer dieser Song gewidmet ist: 17 Siege am Stück, davon 12 durch k.o., und vier der Opfer sind sogar namentlich aufgeführt. Aber für mich ist dieses Rätsel zu schwierig; wer sich in der Geschichte des Boxsports besser auskennt und es lösen kann möge mir bitte mailen.

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