Spending with clowns

Dealer's cards pitch, saved the wrong pair,
calling that last raise around, losing my share
Spending With clowns.

Games I now switch, it's time to move
Hearing the slot machine sound, luck needs new groove
Fast my heart pounds -- spending with clowns.

Gambling again, breaking old rules,
performing casino circus with all these fools,
blowing the whole monthly pay like some honey starved bear,
stubborn and blind, grasping at air...

Saving no face, cash dwindling fear,
just thinking like I always think, jackpot is near
Bright wheels turn their rounds
I'm spending with clowns my last dollars here.

Tired and broke, fighting a tear,
leaving a loser again, home time is here
To the parking lot grounds, through spending with clowns
|: Next time I might cheer :|

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