Barbara Evans


|: daba, daba, daba, daba, dup, dubi, daba, daba :|

Souvenirs, souvenirs mean a lot to me
I collect them all so carefully.

Got a lock of Ricky's hair from his barber's shop
Got a flat of photographs and a record hub.

I've got a handkerchief from Bobby Darin's coat
Even got a note Jimmy Dean once wrote.

Souvenirs, souvenirs, I'm collecting you see
But the one I love the most, is the ring you gave to me


I've got a broken string from Duane's guitar
Even got a hot cap from Fadion's car.

Got the label from a sweater Frankie Avalon wears
Got a photograph of Elvis with his Teddy Bears

Here's a coffee cup Neil Sedaka used
And a broken lace from Pat's white shoes.



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