El Gringo

The sound of snowflakes (Audio)

Hello snowflake, facebook friend
I see you're all upset again
[von Ben Garrison, dem größten Karikaturisten des 21. Jahrhunderts]
You riot when you do not get your way
Where was your dumb ass on election day?
And now you scream because you couldn't stop the Trump train
[Karikatur von Ben Garrison]
And you're to blame -- and it's the sound of snowflakes.

They got restless bitch syndrome,
when they lost their Obama-phone,
when all the foodstamps are depleted,
and all the loosers have retreated
Even the Mexicans are heading back across the border tonight
to run and hide -- under a pile of cornflakes.

It's body, it's my choice
to murder baby girls and boys
If we find microbes on Mars this morn',
they call it "life" while they kill the unborn
But speaking strictly scientifically, if cells can reproduce, it's alive,
and that's no lie -- don't you dare disturb the sound of snowflakes!
[das wohl berühmteste Schneeflöckchen der USA]

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