Chris Simmons

Soraya (Audio)

I, well I've often had in my sleep at night
returning dreams that I can't explain
I, well I've tried so hard just to analyse
the reason why they bring back a name:

Soraya, money to burn wouldn't buy her*,
wouldn't I like to acquire the friend I sought for love?     
Soraya, though she is all I require,
everything tries to conspire to prevent our meeting 
Life without her's incomplete 
Soraya, must I look down on the street?

I, well I've told myself many times before,
a lovely girl wouldn't be hard to find
I, when I wake each day from a restless night,
can't seem to pull her out of my mind.

Soraya, kisses that set me on fire
One little touch and I'm higher than I have been before
I'm shier* when I am holding Soraya
Am I a fool to aspire to a love like this?
Could I exist if I should miss
Soraya, must I look down on the street?

|: Must I look down on the street? :|

*Im Rückblick erkennt man, daß sich nicht nur das Deutsche anglisiert hat, sondern daß sich umgekehrt auch das Englische - sogar das britische, nicht nur das amerikanische! - germanisiert hat, und zwar nicht erst seit gestern. Dieses Lied ist aus 1969, und da verdumpfte bereits die Endung "-er" ebenso zum "Schwa" wie im Deutschen, so daß sich "her" und "shier" auf "Soraya reimten!

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