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Son of my father (Video) (Audio)

Father said to me: we gotta have your life run right
Off you go to school, where you can learn the rules there right
Be just like your dad, lad, follow in the same tradition
Never go astray and stay an honest, loving son."

Son of my father
Molded, I was folded, I was free-form packed
Son of my father
Commanded, I was branded in a plastic vac,
surrounded and confounded by statistic facts.


Tried to keep me in but I jumped out of my skin in time
I saw through all the lies and read the alibi signs
So I left my home, I'm really on my own at last
Left the trodden path and separated from the past.

Son of my father
Changing, rearranging into someone new
Son of my father,
collecting and selecting independent views,
knowing and I'm showing that a change is due.

Chorus (bis)

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