Clodagh Rodgers

Someone to love me (Video) (Audio)

Spending my days and my nights all alone,
dreaming of someone that I've never known,
hoping and praying that my lucky day
soon will be coming my way.

'cause I want someone to love me and someone to care,
someone to turn to and always be there,
someone who's worthy* and willing to share
my whole life through -- could that someone be you?

Maybe together our love could begin,
if you are willing to give it a think
Say there's a feeling way down in your heart
I'd like to know from the start.

Chorus (bis)

|: Could that someone be you? :|

*Die Nordirin hatte zwar gute Beine, aber eine ganz schlechte Aussprache; ich habe vieles nur sinngemäß erschlossen. Hier könnte auch "ready" oder (ehrlicher und besser auf das folgende "willing to share" passend, aber auch und gerade deshalb unwahrscheinlicher ;-) "wealthy" gemeint sein.

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