Eddy Arnold

Somebody like me (Audio)

Your baby loves you now
So don't make her blue now!
You'd better start being true now 
I'm telling you why --  because:

If you break her heart, 
somebody's gonna come along, and he'll 
steal her away from you, 
somebody like me.

Let me tell you friend, 
I'm not butting in 
But I think it's such a sin, 
if you don't treat her right -- because:


She wants to be held tight now, 
each and every night now
You'd better treat her right now 
I'm telling you why -- because:


I hope you listen to now 
each word that I've told you now
These things you'd better do now, 
or you won't have her long -- because:


will steal her away... 
somebody like me...

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