So many songs are in my heart (Audio)

When I was a little girl
I lived in a painter's world
Colouring my hopes and fears
in pictures no one saw.

I discovered later on
how to tell my tale in song
All the joy and all the tears,
it's you I'm singing for.

So many songs are in my heart
They keep us close when we're apart
In every line of melody a dream comes true
So many songs are in my heart
And when I hear the music start
it doesn't matter where you are, I'm there with you.

Love can write a million tunes,
fill a million empty rooms
We could live in harmony
in a house of song.

Spend a while in paradise
I have often paid the price
Now the notes I sang are mine,
all back where they belong.


And if at first it seems I sound a little sad
because I'm lonely now without you here to make me glad
You know my longing follows everywhere you go
For every song reminds me how I love you so.

La la la...


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