The Mike Curb Congregation

Softly whispering I love you (Video) (Audio)

Softly, whispering I love you, 
echoes of your voice are calling still through my dreams, 
softening the chill of the breeze. 

Through my window, 
I can see the moonglow 
painting silver shadows on a rose-colored land. 

A world that we walk hand in hand 
in a day of gold 
colored by the glow of new love. 

Oh, Woman, I can feel your warm face ever close to my lips 
and the scent of you invades the cool evening air. 

I can close my eyes and you´re there in my arms still 
and I know your soft kiss
turning into music every beat of my heart.

When I hold you close to my heart 
and I hear your voice 
whispering I love you.

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