Julio Iglesias

So close to me (Audio)

So close to me
I wish that you could spend forever close to me
But there is someone else, and this can never be
for you and me.

So close to me
Tomorrow you must go away and I will try
to live my life without you as each day goes by
But how can I?

Don't try to speak
Your tears upon my cheek say all there is to say
You know that I will love you more each passing day
How can I go on living without you?

For one more night
Let my forever be the last few dreams we share
For when tomorrow comes and you're no longer there
In dreams you'll always be so close to me.

So close to me
When I reach out my hand and there is only space
I'll kiss the empty pillow where I see your face
so close to me.

I set you free,
but lock you in my heart until eternity
For that's the only place where you are meant to be,
so close to me.


Tonight is ours
But if tomorrow never comes so let it be
The world can only turn around if you're with me,
as close to me as I am close to you.

Tonight is ours
Some other time, some other day when you are gone
the memory of loving you will linger on
For you will always be so close to me.

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