New World

Sister Jane

Come in, sit down, pull up a chair
Speak the truth when you tell me your cares
Don't be afraid to talk to your brother
get a hold of yourself and dry up your tears.

We'll start at the start, and end at the end
you'll find that your mind might possibly mend
I'm sure I can help you 'cause you can't help yourself
|: Have you fallen in love again? :|

Sister Jane, you've gone and changed your name
you gotta get out soon, before you go insane
before the town starts talking
and they see you out walking
|: It sure does seem a shame [yes] :|

Sister Jane, you've gone and changed your name
and I suggest you catch the twelve forty five 'plane
before the fam'ly finds out just what you've done
and holds you at the point of a gun
and that ain't gobnna be much fun, sister Jane.

We'll talk of the future, we'll talk of the past
the odds were against you it never could last
you can't think opinions will change overnight
when you know what you've done just ain't right.

You don't mean to tell me you've finally done it
you played at the game and you thought you had won it
and now that you find that you're way out of line
well, some people call it a crime
yeah you really have done it this time.


You told me the truth, you opened your mind
said I would listen and help you unwind
my dear Sister Jane you've caused nothing but pain
and I really must tell you this time.

I knew all along you had to go wrong
in this kind of town you could never belong
I'm sorry for you, and I'm sorry for me
this is the way it should end
'cause you've fallen in love again.

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