Blue System

Silent Water (Video)

(...?) Baby, you cross my heart
And a heart of a clown, oh, just break apart
Step inside, love will keep you warm
Oh, a river to cross, you did it with your charm.

Oh, come send me an angel, oh, come send me some love
It's more than a feeling when I fall in love.

Silent water - nights are falling
Silent water - full of tears
I'm a man with a broken heart, babe
I'm lost to pain and fears
Silent water - where we started
Silent water - full of pride
Hear the ocean in my heart, babe
A lonely night I've cried


(...?) Baby, just for love
When a love is all, no mountain's high enough
Here I stood, baby we can't go wrong
Just take my hand in the lights of dawn.


Chorus (bis)

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