Chris De Burgh

Ship to shore (Video)

Ship to shore, do you read me anymore,
This line is bad, and fading,
Ship to shore, answer my call,
Send me a signal, a beacon to bring me home.  

I have been to see the world,
tasted life at every turn,
And all the time your face came back to haunt me;
Day by day the feeling grew,
I know I'm still in love with you,
The further that I go,
The more I know it, I wanna show it.  


Moving fast, all systems go,
You and I had time to grow,
Before there was a breakdown in transmission;
How I wish that we could turn,
The clock back to the days when,
We were lovers in the true sense,
Of the meaning, you must believe me.  


I cannot believe my eyes,
But I think I see a light;
You are everything I've always,
Wanted in my life.

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