Steve Tracey

She's gone (Audio)

I see the day,
the day she turned and looked my way
We had so many things to say
She said she'd never run away.

I see the moon,
a moon much brighter than a phare* 
I still remember every star
Now they can't tell me where you are.
Oh yes, she's gone, my love is gone away
How can I face another day,
alone, with no love of my own?
Oh yes, she's gone, my love is gone away
Now all around the skies are grey,
so grey, my love has gone away.

The sky was blue
above the world we made for two,
a world of love so young and new
Now you are gone -- what can I do?

How could I know,
that loving doesn't always grow,
but like a flower in the snow
just flies and dies away below.


*Das war das letztemal, daß ich dieses alte, aus dem Französischen stammende Wort für "Leuchtturm" im Englischen gehört habe. Seitdem sagt man nur noch "lighthouse".

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