José Feliciano - Shake a hand

José Feliciano

Shake a hand (Video)

|: I don't believe I understand [you know] :|
why no-one sees the love a child will give but won't demand
There's music playing there, so join the band.

Shake a hand, shake a hand, shake a hand
Come on, give out more than what they say you can    
Put the pieces all together on a rock instead of sand
Help the man complete his plan, shake a hand.

|: I don't believe that peace won't really come :|
when every single soul can say His word is really done,
when life is one for all, and all for one.


|: I don't believe there's any other way :|
to light the dark and (...?) across another day
except to make a stand by this saying:

Chorus (3x)

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