Chris de Burgh

Seven bridges

Sometimes I go down my street without a glance
And I long to see my childhood days again
Sometimes I can hardly even stay still
Needing something new behind the doors I go through.

Sometimes I am hot and then I'm cold
When I know that there is something going on
In the places that we all have to go
Before we see the right that's in a wrong.

There are seven bridges to be crossed,
seven years of darkness to survive
Seven times in oceans [to/*you'll] be lost
But then [I'll/*you'll] see the shining light.

Sometimes seems the hands of time are standing still
And it feels that things are going round and round
Sometimes we all have the need to get away
And to sit in silence all by yourself.

Sometimes hands can reach out to the world
Maybe lucky stars are on the way
Sometimes we are taking when we should give
And hate the things that we still really love.

Chorus* (bis)
And then you will see the shining light!

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