Set in the crowns

Sadly I sit, deep in despair,
'cause I told my dentist my wants,
when first in the chair...
Set in the crowns!

Whit'ner looks great, fillings are fine
Mirror's reflecting a dunce,
This mouth isn't mine...
Oh, where are the Crowns?,
Set In The Crowns

I love the fluoride, just like I bought
But it's so frustrating,
the main thing I wanted, is naught
With open mouth once again,
I just hopelessly stare
No crowns are there...

I got root canal, I like the veneer
But no matter how hard that I hunt,
crowns don't appear
Oh, where are the crowns?
Set in the crowns... supposed to be here.

I know you're rich, no dentist, I fear
Hey, I'll sue your ass,
And ruin your career...
So, where are the crowns?
Set in the crowns
And I don't mean next year!

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