Invisible Boy

Send in the gowns

Where'd the time go? Doesn't seem fair?
You standing proud on the stage, and me in this chair
Send in the gowns!

Twelve years gone by, time to move on
Your graduation is here, and soon you'll be gone
And there are the gowns -- blue and white gowns.

One time I thought you'd stay a child
Seeing those changes in you left me mostly beguiled
Making decisions that you thought were not always fair
Soon I'll look up, you won't be there.

Don't you love this life ? Few do, I fear
I've tried to show the world's beauty to you, my dear
And still love the clowns, look for the clowns
Don't bother -- I'm here.

Isn't it strange? Isn't it new?
Losing my daughter this way, an organ cue
And you in that gown, pretty white gown
Well, he's waiting for you...

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