Seasons of love (Audio)

Spring is here, and now I feel like ready for romance
Soon I'll find the one and meet for giving half a chance
Now it looks the time has come to (...?)
Then that lovely feeling that a love affair's begun.

Love can change like the seasons of the year
Comes and goes like the seasons of the year
Brings you joy or it fills your life with tears
Love can change like the seasons of the year.

In the summer love will blossom like a rose in blue,
like a lovely melody one softly played in tune
But when winds of autumn blow and turn this place to grey
likely it's a (...?) then love can fade away.


Winter comes in silence, snow falls softly to the ground
and buries dreams and memories of love that once was found
But the sun will shine once more and soon the spring must come
to bring again the feeling that a new love has begun.

Chorus (bis)

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