Grace Slick

Seasons (Video)

When the winter comes, the sun is low upon the fields
The sky is cold, and it throws down icy snow 
The lakes are glass, the river's all a frozen mass
The trees are bare, and the north wind blows the air.

But the children dance, and sing, as if the time were spring,
when the seasons change everything, they find a joy in what it brings.

Then the sun comes high, and the spring rains come and go
The summer air is so hot it melts the Russian snow
The fields are brown, and there's no rain to make them grow
And the old ones sigh, the heat has made them tired and slow.

Chorus (bis) 

September leaves are falling through the autumn haze
And the school bells tell everyone there'll be no more summer days
Warm nights are gone, and all the leaves are turning brown
And the windows close again, when the winter comes around.


So I will laugh and dance, and watch the children sing
And I will have a chance of finding joy in everything.


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